3Sixty Photography


Creative talent? Say hello.

Assistant & Stylist

Looking for a part-time photography assistant/stylist that is passionate about photography and wants to learn more about the business and help out with lighting or styling sets,  etc. This is a non-paying position. A schedule can be flexible, but you need to be reliable and personable. We need to count on your professionalism as well as you being on time. Send us your info.

If you are interested...

Send, resume, portfolio and a note with more about you to: info@3sixty.com


We would love to work/collaborate with a local make-up artist that is comfortable working in a 75 mile range of North Conway, NH. Drop us a line.

Agent, Collaborator, Wingman

We are always open to working with other creatives, agencies, etc. on a variety of projects from Branding photography to design projects. If you have a knack for selling creative work, let's talk.

Clothing Designers

We're looking to collaborate with clothing designers.  If you are interested in our look and range of looks, let's connect.

TFDP* Models

If you are a model looking to enhance your portfolio  and have a project in mind, let us know. We do consider trade work on select work.

*TFDP- Trade for digital prints.