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Commercial: 20 years bumping up against brand.

After 20 years working as an Art Director/Graphic Designer, I decided to continue with my ongoing passion of photography and focus on that exclusively. My passion to capture images ranges from portraiture, commercial, editorial, fashion, landscape and more. I want to take on projects that reflect a strong personal connection with the subject and translate that visually- images that make you want to meet that person, be where that person is and to share the emotion of story.


A great photo makes you want to meet that person, visit that place or eat that food.

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Why 3Sixty Photography?

Portraits to Commercial to Editorial and more...

Because I shoot a wide variety of images, I understand businesses' need to enhance their brand visually. I connect and collaborate with clients to create unique, personal and memorable images. Learning the back-story and pre-planning a photo shoot, as well as being able to capture unpredictable moments result in well-crafted, authentic images.

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything". Dwight D. Eisenhower

It's not the gear. It's the eye. It's the idea... Planning and brainstorming a shoot is important, but also balancing that with the impromptu nature of the creative process. Passion, creativity, commitment, “an eye for light” and collaboration. That’s 3Sixty. Business or personal, both have their own story to tell- from portraiture to images that capture your business brand.

Here comes the sun. Or not. The importance of flash.

Natural light is something we are used to seeing and early or late light has a magic all its own. Unfortunately there is weather or dim interior lights that can effect the magic of soft light or light that falls where you want. Off camera lighting (flash/strobe) is something that 3Sixty specializes in when that need arises. It’s all a part of being prepared for the situation- something that can make or break a photoshoot.

3sixty Photography
Detail from Head 360 skis.

Detail from Head 360 skis.

What’s in a name?

When I was looking for a memorable name years ago, I was on my way to Tuckerman Ravine to get in a little spring backcountry skiing and I was running names through my head. I happened to remember an old pair of skis I once owned (just a few years back): Head 360′s.

Of course the name has many obvious connotations: unity, wholeness, infinity- those worked for me as well. It needed to be shorter; memorable. That’s it.

3Sixty Photography

Let's connect!

For more info, or to discuss a new photography project, you can reach me at [bruce@3Sixty.com] or call 603.383.5594. Quotes available on request.

Inspiration gets personal.

One of my big inspirations was my grandfather, Fred Luetters. When I was growing up, I remember looking over the artwork my grandfather had collected. Much of it was hand colored photography. He had worked as a master colorist for the western landscape photographers, Fred Kiser and Clarence Winter in the early 1900's. My own interest in photography began with a love for landscapes as well (still love it), but portrait work became something I wanted to explore-  people are so amazing to work with- always different, always a new story.

1912, Mount Hood.  A group of Mazamas, men and women, prepare for climbing Mount Hood. F.P. Luetters of Kiser Studios holds a camera and tripod. Several members of the group hold alpenstocks, and one has a coil of rope over his shoulder. 1912. (F.P.L. Front right, with hat)

1912, Mount Hood.

A group of Mazamas, men and women, prepare for climbing Mount Hood. F.P. Luetters of Kiser Studios holds a camera and tripod. Several members of the group hold alpenstocks, and one has a coil of rope over his shoulder. 1912. (F.P.L. Front right, with hat)

Fred Luetters Circa 1912

Photo by Fred Luetters. Mount Adams, Oregon, 1913.


[5oth Wedding Anniversary]

"Thanks a million 100 times over for capturing such lovely images of our family and friends."

Amy Robins

[New Hampshire Home Magazine]

“He has a great eye. Came back with just the shots we asked for: capturing the mood of a new home for New Hampshire Home magazine.”

John Hession, Photo Editor at McLean Communications

[Shawnee Peak Ski Area]

“Bruce is a passionate and talented photographer. He is a pleasure to work with and is collaborative in his approach. I could not be more thrilled at the outcome of our photo shoot. The moments Bruce captured were beautiful and will make a difference for our company.”

Rachael Wilkinson, Director of Marketing at Shawnee Peak Ski Resort

[Carlybird Weaves]

“I would recommend Bruce based on his photography alone, even if we’d never met. But working with him is such a joy. He takes a holistic approach, covering every angle of the brand, the personality, the product and the environment. ...Bruce made the experience fun and exciting, and the results were breathtaking.”

Carly Goss Owner/Designer/Weaver at Carlybird Weaves

[The Life of a Musher]

"When working with Bruce, you know that the results will be creative, poetic, and a work of art. ...Bruce is phenomenal in communicating and developing ideas, both prior to and during the shoot process. I look forward to working with Bruce more in the future!"

Sally Manikian, Backcountry Resource Conservation Manager at Appalachian Mountain Club

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