3Sixty Photography


You say you want a revolution

A small band of revolutionary stylistas headed into the hills of Randolph, New Hampshire looking for adventure. They found enough adventure to go around and made their way back with an inspired handmade collection by fiber artist, Carly Goss. Viva la revolución! Viva la Carlybird!


“…results were breathtaking.”

“I would recommend Bruce based on his photography alone, even if we’d never met. But working with him is such a joy. He takes a holistic approach, covering every angle of the brand, the personality, the product and the environment. Even after spending a long, hot, buggy day with a motley crew of models, his attitude was still positive and engaged. “I could do this all day.” Modeling is hard work in itself, and putting my handmade product under the scrutiny of another person’s lens can be frightening. Bruce made the experience fun and exciting, and the results were breathtaking.”

Carly Goss Owner/Designer/Weaver at Carlybird Weaves.


As a weaver, singer, teacher, and community spirit, Carly puts the New England ethic of hard work, do it yourself craft-womanship and innovation into all she does. She began her life of art when still a teen, traveling to Bulgaria to sing with Village Harmony. Her love of music continues on, given voice through her involvement in the Baltimore area’s Sacred Harp community and her founding of the a capella group, The Shapenote Sisters. Her dedication to the hard worked and hand made  shows as well in her textile work–her scarves, wrist cuffs, and fine art woven laboriously and with artistry on one of her several looms. She has developed a successful practice of marketing these goods and has been featured in this capacity in such magazines as Fiber ArtBaltimore City Paper, and B. Carly’s love of community shines through in her work as President of the Charm City Craft Mafia as well as the many workshops she teaches in her home studio. Whether it’s instruction in the art of weaving, the making of natural dyes, or the home-fashioning of hula-hoops, Carly can tell you how.


Many thanks to: Carly Goss, Kelli Shedd, Kara White Hunter, Sally Manikian, Abby Austin and Chris McKnight. Your hard work, willingness to endure, heat, bugs and long hours with good cheer, made it a great day to share in our own private revolution. -BL